LiHO TEA – Singapore’s No 1 Homegrown Bubble Tea Brand

It is almost exactly a year since LiHO opened its first branch in Brunei at Times Square Shopping Centre in Berakas in October.

LiHO TEA, a franchise from Singapore, was established in 2017 by Royal T Group and the name means “how are you?” in the Chinese dialect Hokkien.

It’s slogan “SAY CHEESE!” is derived by adding cheese into their teas and beverages.

LiHO is currently at three locations in Brunei – with One City Shopping Centre and Gadong (next to McDonald’s) being the other two – and there are plans to see it expand further to over 10 branches by some time next year.

The most popular thing about LiHO is the Brown Sugar Pearls  – whereby the pearls are cooked slowly with pure brown sugar over a longer period of time hence the chewier and softer texture.

Their best sellers include the Brown Sugar Pearl Fresh Milk Avocado, Golden Avocado, Singapore Fruit Tea, Lychee Jing Syuan Tea and Earl Grey Milk Tea + Brown Sugar Pearl.

You can check out LiHO Tea Brunei on IG (@lihobrunei) or their FB (@lihoteaBrunei).

Go Rush became the official delivery partner for LiHO at the end of February – delivering at a flat rate of $5/location within Brunei-Muara.

You may contact the LiHo hotline at 8298616 to place an order or through the Go Rush hotline at 8732066. Pre-orders for bigger functions are also available.