Why choose Go Rush?

Siti started a small business selling kain on social media. 

In the beginning, she gets one or two purchases a day so she could easily deliver the parcels directly to her customers by herself.

But over the next couple of months, word got out about her business and she began getting more customers, hence, the sales figures increased to double digits on a daily basis.

Siti then finds that she has trouble getting the parcels to her customers on time leading to complaints and negative feedback.

She thought about hiring a driver to help with her deliveries but calculations proved that it was too costly to get a vehicle and add manpower.

So now she is in a dilemma thinking on how to move forward with her business.

Are you just like Siti? This is where Go Rush can help!

Go Rush is a local door-to-door delivery service that can get your items to your customers reliably, safely and conveniently.

There is the option of dropping all the deliveries at the Go Rush office or have one of the Go Rush dispatchers pick them up at the business venue

You can leave all you deliveries to Go Rush so that you can focus on other things and find opportunities to further expand your business.

Get in touch with our customer service agent at 8732066 so that we can provide you a solution that suits your business.

Go Rush is not limited to standard delivery (1-3 day delivery) but can also do express (same day delivery).

We can cater to your eager customers who are looking for ultra-fast shipping options – hospital whose patients can’t wait for their medications or their favourite eateries that don’t provide delivery service.

For express deliveries, your items stay with the same person from pickup to delivery to minimise the potential for lost items.

Your important items can also be tracked throughout the entire process – live map tracking, real-time email confirmations and barcode scans – to ensure that the right person receives the package.

In addition, all of Go Rush’s drivers are screened and background checked. They are uniformed and drive Go Rush branded vehicles.

Go Rush also provides a customer service experience which can help represent your company’s brand the way that you want it to be represented.

Log on to www.gorushbn.com for more information or email hello@gorushbn.com for further enquiries.

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